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If you're looking to get a ticket dismissed, an insurance rate reduction or to have points removed from your Driving Record, you need a Defensive Driving course. As you know, not all Defensive Driving Courses are created equal and not all of them are TDLR-Approved. You can be sure that when you try our Online Defensive Driving Course, you've just finished a course that will fulfill your state, court, or legal obligation.

Imagine spending your time and money on a course that wasn't approved! That won't happen with us because all our online courses are state-approved and we guarantee it. We also guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just notify us by mail before you finish the course and prior to receiving your certificate of completion, and we'll send you a complete refund within 10 business days.*

TDLR Approval Letter

Course Provider: National Safety Commission, Inc.

dba Aware Driver TDLR License # CP995

School Name: OnlineTexasDefensiveDrivingCourse.com

TDLR License # C2422

Please note you are NOT eligible to take a defensive driving course if:

  • You do not have a valid Texas Drivers License*
    * (MILITARY EXEMPTION: Active military, their spouses and dependents).
  • You hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL);
  • You have taken a Court-ordered DSC for another ticket within one year from the date of this citation;
  • You are charged with:
    • 95 miles-per-hour or more;
    • Speeding 25 miles-per-hour or more over the posted speed limit;
    • Passing a school bus;
    • Committing a serious traffic violation;
    • Failing to stop and provide information or render aid after an accident;
    • Committing an offense in a construction zone when workers are present

*This information was sourced directly from www.houstontx.gov

Here Are a Few Frequently Asked Questions:

Is your defensive driving course approved in Texas by all courts?

This defensive driving course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and is accepted by all courts in Texas to dismiss traffic tickets and lower insurance rates. Certain conditions apply. If you need to contact a county for ticket-related questions, please visit our Texas County Clerks Directory.

Can I complete this driver safety course online?

Yes! The entire course can be completed online; classroom attendance is not required.

I'm new to the internet. Will completing the Texas Insurance Reduction course online be difficult for me?

Not at all! Our course is designed to be easy for everyone to understand and use, including individuals who are new to the internet. And if you have any questions or concerns at any time, our customer service team is available at 1-877-299-4511.

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*Our guarantee does not apply to typographical errors, mail-in rebate offers, bonus or free offers, or when a service commitment is included in the transaction. The terms of this guarantee are subject to change without notice.

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